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I like winter, I really do. I like the snow, the freezing cold, coming home from a snow storm to enjoy a hot mug of tea. God knows I love wearing turtleneck sweaters.

Unfortunately, I live in a sea climate. Not the Mediterranean sea climate either. I live in a North-West European sea climate. This means that the picture of winter painted above is rarely ever accurate. Winters here consist of a lot of rain, wind, and daytime temperatures of anywhere between -3 degrees Celsius (that's around 27 for you Fahrenheit-oriented lot) to +9 degrees C (48F). We are lucky to have any snow in a given year, and ice-skating seems more and more to be a thing of the past. These are the winters I don't like very much.
So now that we are halfway through March and the temperatures are very slowly climbing to 11, 12, 13 degrees (51-55F), I have had enough. My aunt in Florida emailed me in early February that the weather was really starting to be lovely again. Yuk, I should move.
I want to leave my coat at home and enjoy the warm sun on my face, even if I still have to wear a sweater. I remember springtime in North Carolina, where the winter weather changed to lovely spring in just two weeks time. That is my kind of climate. I am longing for spring, and maybe in a month or so it will have arrived full swing, though I am hoping for an early start this year.

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