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And just like that, it happened. Spring has arrived. After my ranting about the weather I probably didn't deserve it, but I'm not complaining anymore! I've spent some lovely days in the sun last week and the vitamin D obviously did me some good.

The sun also triggered some other things:
- a desire to fix up the garden. To this end we went to scope out tiles this weekend, and are currently drawing up a garden plan. To be continued.
- the realization that I still don't like bugs in my house. Screen doors are due in the next couple of weeks.
- a general feeling of "we need to finish the house!" All kinds of things need to be done before we can claim it to be anywhere near finished. Starting points are putting up curtains and removing wires from sight.
Who knew spring came with all that? But I don't mind; as long as the sun keeps shining, I am ready to roll!

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