Starting off

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Okay, so here we go. It has taken me some time to jump on the blogger bandwagon (only a couple of years behind everyone else, but who's counting right?), but here I finally am. I don't yet know what the blog will be about, but this is of secondary importance to me as writing is sort of therapeutic. Also, I never think ahead of what I'm going to write, I just start typing away and hope for some sort of coherence. Keep that in mind when one day you are reading one of my posts and think to yourself "what in the world is she talking about?"

A few details on me and my life:
I'm married and have a 20 month-old son. I'm also a student in university trying to finish her MA thesis. Juggling the son and thesis leaves little time for other activities, but I don't let that hold me back. Also we just moved to a bigger home in the suburbs of a large city.
More next time!

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