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Posted by Lotte on Tuesday, March 1, 2011.

I love receiving my kids' little artworks, whether they be drawings, paintings or clay figures. There's something so endearing about those proud faces when they hand over their day's work. Thus far, I've kept all most of them in drawers and cupboards scattered around the house. There's not any sort of system there. With our youngest now in daycare twice a week, I received his very first Valentine's card last month (photo above). That triggered something in my brain. All the lovely little art projects we have been receiving from our eldest (Abe), would now have to be multiplied by two. And neither of them is even in kindergarten yet (at which time I assume they will be making still more of those lovely things)...

Hello mom! It's time for a system!
Well, yes it is. So, what to do? Keep everything? Throw everything away (after a respectable amount of time of course)?
Keep everything: I wish I could, but we're pretty sure we want to add to our brood somewhere down the line and space is limited.
Throw everything out? There's no way I could do that, my heart breaks just thinking about it.
So, what then? After brief consideration, I decided on a dual approach: I photograph every piece of art that they make, preferably with them holding it, so I'm sure to also capture those proud little faces. I then keep them around for a couple of weeks, after which I throw them away. And yes, this is pretty hard to do... The photographs I collect in a special kids' art book. I do make exceptions for the really special pieces, like our youngest's first Valentine's card, which was also his first experience with paint. Way too precious to toss out!
What's your take on this? Do you have a system when it comes to your kids' art? I'd love to hear.

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