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Hi! Hope you all had a good Easter weekend and are feeling refreshed for the week ahead. We had a lovely weekend of nesting, as the weather wasn't all that great. We managed to get out a couple of times for little walks and bike rides (in between the rain showers) but other than that cosied up inside for most of the weekend, which wasn't too bad because of all the yummie goodness we'd bought and made.
Back to my topic: it has been amazing to see how many companies on the baby market have gone green over the last couple of years. One of my earlier discoveries was a Dutch company called Kindekeklein (how's that for a pronunciation exercise...). They make hanging cradles that are a joy to look at (and I imagine to lie in) and responsibly produced as well.


The cradles are suspended from the ceiling with jute ropes and a spring, which lets the cradle swing as well as lightly bounce, creating a womb-like sensation. I remember endlessly rocking my firstborn on a bouncing ball until he'd fall asleep, only to have him wake up again as soon I laid him down in his crib. All it would take with this hanging cradle is a gentle nudge, and thanks to the spring, baby would bounce back to sleep. Now why didn't I think of that?
The cradles are made of 100% organic cotton, unvarnished wood, and jute, and the canopies come in a variety of colors. They also have a tripod available to take your baby outdoors for a Spring nap as well as bigger cradles for twins:


Aren't these great??

note: all pictures from Kindekeklein

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  1. Design Mom

    So adorable! What a great find.

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