Crossing Over

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Anywhere between three and seven weeks from now, I'll be crossing over from being one very pregnant lady to being a new nursing mom again. I've been making so many lists these past weeks it is driving everyone crazy. It probably is a little crazy to be honest, but luckily very few people dare argue with a pregnant woman.
One thing on my list is nursing wear. I remember not being able to find anything that I really loved last time (I didn't start looking till my last week of pregnancy, somehow I wasn't able to look beyond giving birth), so I've begun my search a little earlier this time.
I must say I am surprised at the many elegant, comfortable nursing wear brands that are online now. Why look only in your own country when there is a world of pretty things out there? (Well alright, shipping costs are a pretty good reason) Today I ordered these items from Mothers en Vogue, based in Singapore:

And tomorrow I might just order this cute top from Queen Bee in Australia:

I love how you can't even tell that these tops and dress are nursing clothes. Makes me look forward to a stylish, nursing summer with my new babe!
What is your nursing style? Do you get your items locally or through the internet (I'm a total convert!)? Any great brands I should know about?

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