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I've been getting increasingly obsessed with all things baby lately. I spend more time online looking at all this cuteness than I should, but hey, I'm 31 weeks pregnant and that's a good enough excuse for me. There really are so many cute little things out there, that I decided to share my finds. I'll be posting them at random for you to see in the Baby Things posts.
I'll start with a personal favorite. Among the many baby gifts we received when our first baby was born, was this cuddly blankie with Delft Blue pattern from Dutch company  Snooze Baby , which was an instant hit:

Like all blankies it is incredibly soft and cuddly, but the cool thing is all the labels that are attached to it. You know how babies tend to find the labels on anything to fiddle with? That's what Dutch Marleen Ramecker noticed in her own son, too, and she decided to do something with the concept. Aside from the blankies, Snooze Baby also makes these on-the-go foldable changing pads, changing mat covers, wrappers, and soft toys, all with those cool labels attached. I like them all, but this changing pad will be on my baby list for our newest addition! 

note: all pictures from Snooze Baby

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