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I thought I got pretty big during my first pregnancy. I was wrong. This -third- time around, I am ballooning to never before seen proportions. This would've been kinda okay had I been in my ninth month of pregnancy while writing this or had the weight attached itself only to my tummy, as planned (by me of course). Alas, I just entered my third trimester last Saturday and the weight seems to be evenly distributed between my legs -or cottage cheese pillars, as I now call them- and my rear, which means I carry a lot of extra "junk in my trunk." I seriously considered not putting on my bathing suit to go swimming with my Two-and-a-half this weekend. Thankfully, my maternal instincts beat my vanity, but I am doubtful this will be the case two months from now, when I look (and no doubt feel) like a beached whale.

All complaints about looks aside, though, this pregnancy is going really well, so we have plenty to be grateful for. With less than three months to go I'm looking forward to getting things in order for baby's arrival. Picking out birth announcements, painting and decorating the nursery and laying out those too cute tiny onesies. There's one thing I can already cross off my to-do list: we've agreed on a name!

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