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Now that the weather is slowly starting to improve and my due date is fast approaching (May 29th), I thought it was time for some springtime redecorating while I am still mobile. So the past two weekends have been spent with friends and family and lots of tools. We rearranged the hallway to accommodate our new Bugaboo stroller and this was a good excuse for me to also get out a can of paint to freshen up the color. So instead of a muted gray, the main wall in our hallway is now a soft green with the lovely name pasta verde.
The nursery is still a work in progress but it is in much better condition than a month ago. Because our budget isn't sky-high, we ventured to Ikea for some nursery furniture. We bought a wardrobe and rocking chair as well as these lamp shades.

They are from the Klavsta range and I just thought they were really cute for the nursery since our boy will be born in Spring. I used three colors (the white, the sandy, and a delicate purple that's not in the picture above) and hung them from the ceiling in a group, at different heights. Must say I'm pretty pleased with the results.

While at Ikea, I also found this little bench that I like, and it would be perfect next to our front door. 

It is the Vadero garden bench (I've not been able to find it on the US Ikea website but it can be found on the international ones). While I love Ikea, I do think you need to be wary of Ikea overkill. A good way to do this is adapt their designs, and I've been wondering whether I should paint this bench a different color. Suggestions are most welcome! 
Jules from Ikea hacker has this concept down to a T. He collects photos of tweaked Ikea furniture on his website and boy are people creative with Ikea furniture! One of my favorite Ikea redesigns on his blog is the adaptation of the simple Bekvam Step Stool (done by Pysselmama) from this:

To this:

Now I have this stool at my house in its original style, but this really inspired me to do something to it to make it lovelier and more original.
Do you sometimes venture into an Ikea store or do you steer clear? Do you tweak their things? I'm thinking I will from now on!

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