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Posted by Lotte on Tuesday, March 30, 2010. Filed under: , ,

Tomorrow, after five years of sleeping in our double bed, we are upgrading to a King Size. Turns out the double bed was fine for the early stages of courtship, but as our family expanded, we've been getting a little cramped. Cosy, but cramped. So I am absolutely thrilled about this new arrival and have been thinking about what other pieces in our bedroom could use an upgrade. I already got new night lights, and I can't wait to add a touch of paint to the wall directly behind the bed, which is currently a warm, dark gray. I'll hold off on the painting part until the new bed is in place, though, so I don't mismatch the colors. I also found these wall graphics online that I really like:

Now that is just instant summer for your bedroom isn't it? This one is called Dandelion by Curly Cue Wall Graphics, and it comes in many colors, although personally I quite like this one. They also have wall graphics for kids' rooms and nurseries. 
Well, I'm off to get our bedroom ready for the big arrival, can't wait to go to bed tomorrow night!

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  1. Nisha

    Cool! I love our king- sized bed! But I hardly get to sleep in it! The kids keep me on the floor! haha. Enjoy! I hope to see the new colours when it's all done.

  2. Nutmeg girl

    Hi Nisha,

    Yes the bed is great! Luckily our son thinks it is awesome as well so he prefers to be on the bed rather than on the floor :)

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