Hippie Pregnancy

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Now that I'm getting bigger and bigger (see my Whale post), it is becoming quite the challenge to continue to dress nicely. I'm constantly looking for great maternity wear, even in the final two months of pregnancy. (Whoever said you can wear the same maternity clothes all through your pregnancy is wrong! This is only true if you belong to the lucky few who only add the pregnancy pounds to their bellies and boobies.)
Luckily, all the major brands have been debuting their spring and summer collections, so there is plenty to choose from. I really like these pieces from Fragile, a small Belgian brand that creates high quality maternity clothing.

They usually feature dreamy, ultra-feminine looks that are really gorgeous, but these are great as well. I think the hippie pregnant girl look is very cute, and love the bell-bottom jeans paired with those heels. I have to be honest here and say I've not worn heels for about four months now, but seeing this look, maybe I'll give it another go! What do you like to wear when you're pregnant?

Note: Pictures taken from Fragile

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